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Boheme Bundle Deal Was Worth It!
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Bought the Bundle Deal totally worth it, got to try a little bit of everything, def going to get another 3 bottles of the supplement, my hair grew quicker and thicker than expected before the bottle was even done.

I Experienced 3 Inches of Growth In 2 Months
Verified Purchase

Happy with my results! In the first 2 weeks my hair started growing out sooo much thicker than it was before I started using Boheme. I am down 2 bottles and my hair has grown a little over 3 inches. Super happy with the results. I'm going to buy another 3 bottles, and see how much longer I can grow out my hair. Excited about the process, because lets be honest it is a process.....

The heat from the capsicum definitely works!
Verified Purchase

I am a fan of cayenne pepper and capsicum, and I can tell this is the real deal! The tingle def gets the blood circulating, and gets the roots of my hair stimulated. It has helped my hair grow in, in the middle, where I thought it would never grow in again.

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Boheme Hair Growth Supplement (3)

$210.00 $139.95

Boheme Hair Growth Supplement (3)

$210.00 $139.95

Boheme all Natural Hair Growth Supplements are a mix of Ayurvedic Herbs that work with your hair naturally promoting 

  • voluminous hair growth
  • strengthening of the hair roots
  • luster of hair follicles
  • deep moisture of the scalp
  • prevention of; excessive hair fall/balding, split ends, dandruff, and premature greying


These Ayurvedic Herbs also contain properties that

  • purify the blood
  • promote proper fat and metabolism function
  • reduce cholesterol
  • improve memory/ proper brain function
  • boost immune system
  • treat acne/eczema of the skin
  • reduce stress/anxiety
  • promote healthy digestive tract
  • prevent minor colds



Bhringraj,  literally translated as the 'King of Hair', refers  to the traditional reputation in Ayurveda as an herb supporting hair growth, as well as the improvement of hair growth and color.

 Bhringraj is useful for keeping the hair shining and healthy looking, to rejuvenate the scalp and hair, and to prevent baldness in both men and woman! Among its benefits is correcting loss of hair from a medical condition or stress as well as filling out a receding hairline. After using bhringraj for two or three months faithfully, even alopecia areata sufferers may experience hair regrowth.

Adults who have no hair loss problems or medical conditions find Bhringraj beneficial for maintaining healthy, lustrous hair. Bhringraj taken regularly can provide an emanating glow to the hair follicles . Others use it to control dandruff. Bhringraj is not only an herbal cure for baldness, but an all around excellent beneficial product for any adult who wants beautiful, healthy hair.

Bhringraj is also used in Ayurveda as excellent herb known to help relieve minor cold and coughs, anemia, minor skin issues, sinus infection, and a great liver tonic. 


Amla  traditionally is used to nourish the hair and scalp and prevent premature grey hair.  Amla plays a key role in making hair long, thick, and beautiful.  Amla acts as a natural conditioner, minimizing hair loss and greying, and encourages strong and healthy hair growth.

Amla promotes hair growth with its unique array of antioxidants.  Taken regularly, Amla can prevent free radicals that cause hair fall, greying, wrinkles, and other age related changes. Antioxidants play an important role in neutralizing these free radicals and act as protective and preventive agents. A recent scientific study, which investigated free radical, showed Amla to provide strong antioxidant protection against these damaging atoms.   Amla also helps strengthen hair follicles, increase scalp circulation, and stimulate healthy new growth.

According to ayurveda, premature greying usually occurs due to excess pitta in the body.  Some of the signs of excess pitta include, skin rashes, burning sensations, peptic ulcers, excessive body heat, and heartburn. Amla, a natural coolant, is an excellent remedy to pacify pitta conditions, and thereby reduce greying.  Amla also helps to renew pigmentation in hair and makes it darker and thicker. It has been used as an effective ingredient in natural hair dyes and other hair nourishing products.

Amla also helps with dandruff and other scalp conditions. Amla has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and astringent properties that help prevent inflammatory scalp conditions and keep dandruff away.  Amla's cooling effect also helps to relieve redness, irritation, and itchiness, and promote the healing of skin.

Amla is also an excellent herb used in Ayurveda to help increase metabolism, fight heart disease, reduce blood sugar, boost immunity, prevent ulcers, improve eyesight, purify blood, strengthen bones, prevent constipation, and reduce the risk of cancer


Brahmi powder promotes overall health of the hair which makes it grow longer and thicker. Brahmi prevents split ends and reduces hair loss.  Once you  use Brahmi powder on your hair regularly, you will notice that the number of split ends reduce drastically. This is because Brahmi coats the hair follicles with a layer of protection that provides luster and reduces the possibility of split ends. This also allows the hair to develop volume and length.

Regular use of Brahmi powder allows the hair to grow with the support of thick roots that are well nourished. Brahmi also keeps the scalp cool allowing hair to grow and remain strong.

Brahmi also reduces dandruff and prevents itchy scalp. This is because the scalp is nourished and the dry skin on the scalp is removed. Brahmi provides moisture to the scalp to take care of any moisture related issues. Brahmi not only stimulates the growth of hair but the development of healthy skin.

Brahmi has many benefits in addition to helping hair growth. Brahmi used in Ayurveda is known as a miracle herb. Brahmi is considered a very powerful tonic for the brain and the nerves.  It is great to improve memory and improve brain function.  Not only that but improve skin complexion, prevent joint pain, eczema, and treat Alzheimers.  Brahmi is also known to reduce anxiety and stress when consumed internally.


Neem Leaf Powder scientifically known as Azadirachta Indica, is an evergreen tree and can be found almost everywhere in India. Neem has countless benefits, used to treat a number of hair, and skin concerns. 

Neem powder has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, used to treat various skin issues like pimples and rashes.  Neem makes skin clear, glowing and flawless. The anti-microbial and immune boosting power of Neem help to keep both hair and scalp healthy, making Neem an excellent remedy to treat hair problems. 

Neem used in Ayurveda because of its tremendous anti-bacterial properties are known to treat eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, lice and other scalp issues.  Neem can also reduce acne marks and scars from suntanning.   Neem leaves can be used for medicinal purposes due to its strong natural affects of purifying the blood throughout the entire body. 



Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Made My Hair Thick Didn't Expect That!
So I Just finished My 30 Day Supply of My Boheme Supplement, and I bought another bottle. My hair has grown a bit, more importantly to me, My hair has grown thicker , and I did not expect that at all! SOOO I ordered another bottle! I am sooo excited about the process!

Sha Peters

Love The Tingle
I really like the tingle I get from the capsicum hair growth rinse, feels like something is being activated, not sure what, but its working my hair has grown 1-2 inches since I started using it. I am going to try the conditioning mask next with it, to see how that works.

Margaret K

So Far So Good
I have a had a problem with thinning hair for years, the supplement helped thicken my hair, and my hair started growing within the first few weeks which was great. Spraying the tonic on my hair everyday has helped as well, and the conditioning mask has helped give my hair so much shine! I definitely notice a difference and will purchase again, especially the herb vitamins.

Donna K


Hair growth Bundle

Got The Bundle Because It Works
I bought one bottle to start and after a few weeks I could most definitely see a difference in the way my hair grew. I bought 3 bottles this time to save me money! Worth the investment in hair growing.