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Boheme Bundle Deal Was Worth It!
Verified Purchase

Bought the Bundle Deal totally worth it, got to try a little bit of everything, def going to get another 3 bottles of the supplement, my hair grew quicker and thicker than expected before the bottle was even done.

I Experienced 3 Inches of Growth In 2 Months
Verified Purchase

Happy with my results! In the first 2 weeks my hair started growing out sooo much thicker than it was before I started using Boheme. I am down 2 bottles and my hair has grown a little over 3 inches. Super happy with the results. I'm going to buy another 3 bottles, and see how much longer I can grow out my hair. Excited about the process, because lets be honest it is a process.....

The heat from the capsicum definitely works!
Verified Purchase

I am a fan of cayenne pepper and capsicum, and I can tell this is the real deal! The tingle def gets the blood circulating, and gets the roots of my hair stimulated. It has helped my hair grow in, in the middle, where I thought it would never grow in again.

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Boheme 5G Protection Cream

$30.00 $25.00

Boheme 5G Protection Cream

$30.00 $25.00

ANTI Radiation Ayurvedic Essential Oil Blend, Water, Glycerin, Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E



Apply a liberal amount to clean dry skin 15 minutes before exposure to 5G products and Hi-Level EMF exposure.  Reapply every 2 hours or as needed.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Made My Hair Thick Didn't Expect That!
So I Just finished My 30 Day Supply of My Boheme Supplement, and I bought another bottle. My hair has grown a bit, more importantly to me, My hair has grown thicker , and I did not expect that at all! SOOO I ordered another bottle! I am sooo excited about the process!

Sha Peters

Love The Tingle
I really like the tingle I get from the capsicum hair growth rinse, feels like something is being activated, not sure what, but its working my hair has grown 1-2 inches since I started using it. I am going to try the conditioning mask next with it, to see how that works.

Margaret K

So Far So Good
I have bought the supplement in the past by it self, and my hair started growing within the first 2 weeks which is great, so I wanted to give the deep conditioner a try as well. Its a little messy but worth it, my hair is shinier and softer, since I have used the mask.


Got The Bundle Because It Works
I bought one bottle to start and after a few weeks I could most definitely see a difference in the way my hair grew. I bought 3 bottles this time to save me money! Worth the investment in hair growing.